Live Graphic Recording

Are you coming to the Garlic Festival? Great!
We want you to participate in a bit of community engagement.

Thanks to a grant from the Richmond Community Foundation, we have two topics we’re going to explore this year.

What Does A Healthy And Well Fed Community Look Like? (For Everyone)

At this year’s Garlic Festival, we’re asking you, the audience, for the answer.

We’ve invited Sam Bradd, a talented Vancouver based graphic facilitator, to listen and bring your ideas to life through images. The finished drawing will be 7ft long and 4ft tall!

Tell us what makes your community healthy and what’s needed to make your community healthy.

Sam will take audience shout outs and written responses. By the end of the festival, you will see the finished work.

Stories of Garlic

Let’s talk about garlic! What thoughts come to mind when you think about garlic? Tastes, smells, funny stories, touching stories of family meals?

At this year’s garlic festival, Sam will help everyone create the story of how garlic ‘permeates’ our lives.

Sam will transform your thoughts into engaging images.

What is a graphic illustration?

Sam has some great examples on his website. The illustration below is a graphic illustration of many of the activities we have at The Sharing Farm. Many of them we’ve been able to achieve through our generous supporters, including a grant from Vancity.

sharing farm-vision

(Not drawn by Sam)

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